So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

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Re: So why don't people ever talk about the 4/3 aspect ratio?

topstuff wrote:

I know this is a gear forum, but the 4/3 aspect ratio is a big deal.

It is not the same as 3/2. It is not the same as a APSC or FF , or really, ANY other camera.

People come and go on this forum talking about moving to m43 so they have smaller and lighter cameras. People wax lyrical about the EM-1 as The Best Camera Ever, but no-one talks about the aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio can make a big difference to photo making. This is a creative thing we are doing, so what is the experience of people here in adapting to 4/3 over 3/2 from a creative standpoint?

Was is it hard? Do you find that you have to crop more because the format seems too square? Or do you not notice?

Or maybe you don't even really think about it and polish your shiny new gear instead?

The 4/3 aspect is a big change for some people.

I am surprised that so little talk of it takes place. Or am I missing something?

A. The camera lets you set a range of aspect ratios of your choice, including 3/2.

B. ALL compacts and "zuper zoom cameras" are 4/3-ratio cameras, so practically every person entering the m4/3 system from "lower end camera territory" have used that aspect ratio "since forever". I´d suspect that even most of the more "advanced amateurs" also have at least had, or have, some kind of compact. Thus they, too, would be used to the ratio.

Also, I can´t help but wonder why did you list "3/2, APS-C & FF" as if those were representing various aspect ratios? They all use the same: 3/2.

Back to m4/3:

Of course one can crop or so in post processing, but cropping already in camera sometimes makes it easier to compose exactly as you want it. Then, when you´re shooting RAW, you always have the full image capture left to deal with if you´d want to change someting after the fact.

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