Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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HDR the easiest fix

I have the d800 and d3.  The thing that I always miss and is the easiest fix in the world, is To have a more robust exposure bracketing for HDR....Being able to bracket one stop on each side is worthless.  They should have at least 3+ and -3, preferably 4 and 4.  They would also be king of the hill, if you can do -2, 0, +2 a five stop bracket with three shots.

Right now the d800 and the magnificent 14-24 is the best hdr combination.  With the fuji upcoming 10-24 lens and even the 14mm, I wouldn't have to bring the d800 with.

IMHO, this is many, many multiples more important an issue, easy to fix in firmware and would have the #1 biggest incentive for HDR guys to move over.  Fuji I hope you are listening.



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