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Re: DXO scores are like MTF charts

agentul wrote:

DonSC wrote:

There simply isn't any perfect way to make the comparison.

I think they try their best. It's just not that easy.

the best way is to look at some actual photos (real life and test scenes). in the end, that is what you are buying the camera to do.

In order for this to work, ultimately one needs to do one's own testing, on scenes that one is interested in and explore issues one cares most about, and this is not realistic for most people, especially in the current commercial environment where population centres of substantial size (even over 1M inhabitants) sometimes don't have even one comprehensive camera shop or camera+lens rental facility and most people have to or prefer to rely on web retailers.

Standard numerical measures, such as MTF scores, do have well known and established meanings. Review sites using standard testing scenes not only allow a common discussion to be held on forums like this, but also allow a careful consumer to try and correlate their real-life experiences with these stable and unchanging - or at least slow changing - tests. Example test scene shots may not mean a lot to the person first coming to one of them, who may not easily see differences or know how to interpret any differences, but for someone who has observed them for a longer time and done more homework, the comparisons could mean substantially more.

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