Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

shigzeo ? wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Sure there will be naysayers.

But I really believe that the mirrorless camera will replace the DSLR (eventually).

First, the EVF will get better and better and better and better. Eventually, it will be like looking through the lens like an OVF only better. Is it there yet, no. But the X-T1 is one step closer.

.005 second lag. Surely, that looks live.

.77x view with 38 degree diagonal view.

Secondly, AF-C 8 fps predictive auto focus that works. (Well it sure appears to)

This is still one shooting demand that normally makes me grab the DSLR. I am hopeful the X-T1 really does take over this need.

So what is left...

Well, you tell me.

Can we please not mention FF or larger sensor. I'd really like to know what is left as an advantage for DSLR?

Also, can we please try hard to keep this civil?

Maybe even refrain from judging others opinion and just state our own.

I don't own any AF lenses, so AF performance means very little to me. What does is EVF performance. Despite its wonderful size, the EVF must have high resolution and daylight contrast in order to work well for manual lenses. I would like to replace my D800 with the X-T1. I wanted the same thing with the A7r, but alas, the A7r's EVF is too low resolution to properly replace the D800's OVF (which is only mediocre).

A mediocre OVF has no resolution limits, so incredible detail can be seen. Even today's best EVFs lag behind. Magnify them further and that rift should be even more evident. I hope that the manual focus aids on the X-T1 will be good enough that my great Nikkor lenses can be used with some proximity to the ease with which they are used on the D800, but I've lost my enthusiasm and hope for the mirrorless market when it comes to doing anything but fun side events with manual SLR lenses.

I own the X-Pro 1 and love it for laid back photography. I assume that the X-T1 will be that plus 1. Some day, I truly hope for DSLR performance in mirrorless, but EVF technology is still years away from parity.

Does the VF take the picture? No

Does the viewfinder show shooting information and modes while also showing the exposure about to be captured? Only in some cases.

Which do I prefer, the OVF on my Fuji and recently departed Nikon, or the EVF on my two Panasonics and Sony? Pretty obvious, especially as the OVF doesn't show all of the image being captured and even despite the excellent transpanel info display on the Fuji.

However, I have one camera with a truly appalling EVF that is only barely acceptable to me. The low resolution one fitted to my Nikon P500, which would put anyone off. Still, it is useful in strong sun, if not pleasant to use.

In truth I would not choose a camera on the basis of what type of viewfinder was fitted. Or whether it had a mirror or not. The whole package is what counts. Especially since I make a habit of shooting with both eyes open for the most part, which means I have one of the actual scene with a naked eye and one with all the shooting information, composition and exposure with the other.

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