Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

Graham Hill wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Well that didnt take long. In order for mirrorless people to be happy, SLR's have to die.

Prediction: Nikon alone sells millions of SLR's in 2014.

2nd Prediction: Canon alone sells millions of SLR's in 2014.

Final Prediction: Fujifilm doesnt sell even half a million X-T1's in 2014.

I'll believe that mirrorless is taking over when just ONE of the makers of these cameras can turn a profit. Just one.

So what is left...

Well, you tell me.

And I know it is really hard for you not to be confrontational, feel threatened, etc. but please, for this thread, try.

I'm not threatened in the slightest. I have no problems with SLR's. I dont count down their death. I'm not fanatical about watching SLR's die. I'm a mirrorless/film shooter and happy to be so. I see no need to conduct a deathwatch. I'm not threatened by SLR's the way others are.

Others who have replied have made a great start.

Oh, OK.

I find it interesting.

As do I.

But I am a history (and future) buff. I enjoy studying how cameras have evolved and how they might change in the future.

As am I.

If you do not, why even read this thread?

See above.

Why comment?

See above.


Lose the defensiveness. No one is attacking you. They are not out to get you.

Strange. Anyway...whatever.

It's funny, you often come across that way.

To those who feel threatened yes, I can understand.

No. That is not it. I assure you, I am not threatened by you in any way, yet I find your writing offensive often as do others.

This wouldn't be the first time you have sounded like you were being offensive to someone.

Another "judgement" from you. Tiresome.

Just the facts. Not a judgement. Have you looked back through your posts? Can you look in a mirror. You were banned from here before, no?

If you are really interested in the future of photography, why wouldn't the future of the DSLR be interesting to you?

I am very interested in the future of the SLR. However, interest and abject glee that its end is in sight are two different things. Note that for future reference.

Can you show me where my "Glee" was? And if there was Glee, it was from my shoulders not wanting to carry any more heavy backpacks around. I would be happy for cameras to get lighter.

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