Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Lighten up, Francis

contax4ever wrote:

I'm sensing more doom and gloom about the future of this mount the past couple of days than I have seen in a long time even though this worry has surfaced on and off in various discussions within the Sony user community for a couple of years now.

Actually it's been going on much longer than that. According to the masterminds of the day, the imminent demise of the A mount has been fait accompli since Minolta introduced it in the 1980's. I should know, I was there when it started, and a lot of A mount insecurity has been firmly implanted into some people ever since. Back then, one among the many foolish utterings, it was "no self respecting professional photographer would ever be caught dead using <gasp!> autofocus!"

-I don't want to sell this equipment to make the jump to Nikon or Canon; I'm not a pro. I use the Sony lenses and bodies because I love the products.

Then don't; you love the product, and that's why you're here. That's what really matters. Enjoy what you own. Leave the worrying to all the people (old and new) who've been wrong about A mount for going on 30-some-odd years now, and will continue to do so.

-I don't care if the future A mount bodies have the translucent mirror or not.

That's good, because nobody knows for certain what the future of the product line holds, except that change will occur. There is one thing I can predict with uncanny certainty: just as people fretted endlessly over the demise of the A mount OVF, so too will people fret about the loss of the translucent mirror (when and if that happens). Don't ask why or attempt to understand it. Some people just don't feel like they've done all they can unless they b*tch about something.


contax4ever, You're suffering from Contax PTSD. This is a different girl you're going out with. Not every woman you meet is going to cheat on you, take your last penny and dump you. If you want to boost your confidence, start by not talking to every jilted bitter divorced photo forum lurker you run into.

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