Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Maximum Density...

tqlla wrote:

phaedin wrote:

tqlla wrote:

"Amount's, whats going on in that line?.... are we going to see new things in that line or are we moving in the direction of Emount Full Frame?"

The Sony answers... "We are moving largely towards"... then he stops himself ... "uh... wait, I et um.... and QX...".

so Sony is moving LARGELY (as in not completely) to E-mount - and you havent seen this happening over the last couple of years?

Couldn't get much clearer than that.

Actually it could get much much clearer, thats almost as bad as

"All we're really prepared to disclose is what we've said in the past," hedged Weir. "We remain committed to the A-mount system, and I'm sure that that commitment will be very clear."

Of course I noticed that Sony is moving toward Emount.... and I have noticed that it has been accelerating over the last year.

If it were true, how hard would it have been to say, "we are working hard on continued development of Amount cameras"

The smile that disappears, the pull back answer, the quick topic change, the uncomfortable movements... It doesn't get much clearer.

The dense talking to the dense....

If they are moving away from A-mount.. why did they release 4 lenses in 2013 the same is in 2012 and double the 2 I think in 2011? Pretty stupid way to leave a mount developing lenses that cost between 2000-12000 bucks that you can't sell.

Amount Still 36 lenses listed. I started with 18 the first year because it has the Minolta lenses ready to go. What did you expect Sony to take 8 years to build out its compact e-mount lens system? That would be stupid.. so they build a few more lenses to get it going

After 4 years e-mount just NOW is at 21.. lenses.. it just caught up with the number of lenses a-mount started with..

Geeze you would be pathetic as managers.. "Lets build a system of small cameras that will sell well to more casual users and just to keep some Whiners on DPR happy lets starve it for lenses so we never ever release more than a-mount in a year.". Than Sony does have a problem..

It's like the old Sunday school joke.

Man is trapped on his home's roof in a flood and prays for a sign that God cares and will save him

Boat comes along.. says.. hop in.. Man says no I am waiting for God to save me, I need to know he cares

helicopter comes along lowers a ladder he waves it off No I am waiting for God to save me I need to know he cares.

The waters rise and he dies.. at which point is meets God.. and asks I prayed why didn't you save me...

God says.. I sent you a boat and helicopter.. what more do you want?

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Sony keeps A-mount lens releases steady actually more in the last 2 years than the previous 2 years.. and you say I see no support.

Sony goes to Pro photography shows with the 2nd largest booth and does full working pro workshops and you say I see no interest in advanced cameras anymore.

Sony is shipping loaners over night to A99 owners.. You say there is no good support for A-mount

Sony tells you they are committed to the A-mount System and you say.. I wish they would tell me something..

And I will ROFLMA if you sell your gear at a loss ... just before Sony's on schedule updates to A-mounts come out and you will be here.. going "Why didn't Sony give us a sign.."

Schedule: ( My guess is three cameras, based on schedules one would expect for each class of camera )

  • $600 Amount APC Mid Spring and people will panic because its not an A77 replacement
  • $1399 A77 replacement lat spring / summer 4K video.. pick one ore more possibilities [FF | 80% transmission SLT | Mirrorless or Hybrid | Something we haven't guessed at }
  • $2800 - $3300 FF 36 MP Late Fall no AA filter A-mount SLT
  • A99 stays above $2000 between the two (3 new bodies plus A99 for a total of 4)

Even when a business doesn't want to tip its hand, there are strong indicators of where they are going months before in rhythms in releases in who they spend their money talking to.... IF you get past your e-mount envy.. and just look at a-mount rhythms they are not behind on body releases.. they have not slowed lens releases.. they is no fall off in lens, support, or working on building interest in the Advanced Photographer community.

BTW if you crunch the lens numbers in a different way.. Sony released more FF in both A-mount and E-mount in 2013 than APC in either.. and Sony released more A-mount lenses than APC e-mount which seems to be trailing off now that that system has a solid base of lenses.

What if most A-mounts will be FF and one of them will be priced like the A77 under $1400....

Keep your eyes closed it seems dark....

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Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

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