Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Too much religion not any science

"Too much religion not any science"? C'mon! Uncalled-for!

IF the blur was uniform across the image this would be DEFINITIVE PROOF that the blurring was not related to the shutter...

The article provides:

Accordingly, if we saw equal blur at the top and bottom of the image within the critical shutter speed range, that meant we could safely discount it as user-caused blur, rather than anomalous blur caused by the shutter mechanism.

blurring due to vibrations from the first curtain should be non-uniform and the non-uniform blurring should be evident at all speeds at which blurring occurs

Not enough science here. Unequal blur suggests that, whatever is causing the blur, it dissipates pretty quickly in the time interval between the opening of the first curtain and the closing of the second curtain. So yeah, in this case it is unlikely that the blur is caused by the user.

But while we might theorise that first curtain shock dissipates quickly, the evidence from the folks who have wired up microphones and accelerometers is not so clear.  It is not certain that the first curtain vibrations "should" be "non-uniform". In particular, the noise / vibration traces seen here

clearly show noise / vibration *throughout* the period of time the shutter is open.  Guy Parsons' trace shows some dissipation towards the end of the 1/50 opening, naturally;  but Polytrophia's trace shows no dissipation during his 1/160 opening.

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