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Re: Another Idea - A Dedicated Monochrome Camera

Stacey_K wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

If you are really serious about B&W then NEVER do this. Just my opinion. But B&W is something to be done in post processing. You want all the color data at your disposal to be able to have full freedom of the output. Again, my opinion, but the higher resolution you would get by doing a sensor filter conversion is more than offset by the creative freedom you would lose in post.

I I remember the time when people used to previsualise their shots...

I find revisualisation a fascinating topic.

Adams - easy to start with him - I'd say it was essential that he did. Without pre-visualising how would he be able to select the correct filter?

On the other hand, Brandt, he reprocessed a load of his images to give them the his distinctive dark moody look years after they were first taken. Is that how he previsualised them and he didn't have the darkroom skills to achieve them until then?

How about someone like Salgado whose images are processed by other people? I've no idea how much instruction he gives, but it must be an interesting process. I've seen a McCullen image with darkroom instructions added, presumably for someone else to enhance, so still very much his vision.

A dedicated B&W sensor - do those cameras have digital filters, or do you have to use the old glass variety to alter colour reception? Either way, the camera would deskill the process to some extent as there'd be the option for instant feedback and reshooting of static subject, or fine tuning settings for specific batch shoots. But they would still require a different skill set to get the most from the machine.

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