The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

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Re: The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

Rod McD wrote:

I obviously haven't seen a Fuji XT1 in the hand or any images yet, but I agree that it seems to offer great design. They've really got a lot right. I will buy a mirror-less camera sooner or later for travel but I'm waiting and watching and sitting on the fence at the moment. All I can say is that there are some very good designs coming out There's probably never been such choice - it's a good time to be a photographer.

Should Pentax offer another mirror-less and should it be like the XT1? I don't know. A lot of people here have debated what they might do, and those threads have covered speculation about staying with APSC DSLRs, going FF in both DSLR and mirror-less, and a few other ideas too. No-one here really knows and Pentax are tight-lipped about their future. Personally I think they'll have to offer APSC and FF in DSLR designs and eventually mirror-less too. They were stung by the K01 experience, but perhaps we'll see them re-enter the mirror-less market later this year - they need something to replace the GXR.

Regards, Rod

It's a shame about the K-01 as I finally got one for a steal and I love it. For some reason I feel I get better results IQ wise than my K-5. I am a big fan of mirrorless, so I'd be interested in any APS-C or FF mirrorless that Pentax might put out (have the Q, too.)

I think part of my posting this and lots of the searching I do online is to figure out if I should stick with what I have or go with Fuji (have the X100 already.) It might be smart to wait until at least Photokina to figure it all out.

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