A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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Re: Both sides are sort of right

Dougbm_2 wrote:

Do you guys actually get out and take photos?

I've taken one or two that, in my opinion, were decent.

Or maybe it is winter and this is the equivalent of whitiling.

: )

My experience is that I can get an excellent image from any camera but when I need to pull more from the image in Photoshop the Full frame gives more. eg I have tried a 60 and 50D for Real Estate work but the need to have clean shadows means I have to use a 5D. No doubt the sensor tech is continually improving and this has allowed photographers to down size. As for the whole tech debate - Who cares as long as the camera does what you want.

Current cameras. SX40, X100, 7D and 5D.

In my personal opinion, pretty much any DSLR is "good enough" for the vast majority in the vast majority of situations in terms of IQ and DOF options. It's differences in operation that matter more, by far.

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