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Re: DXOMARK.com, did you notice

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Not one m43 lens gets a good rating, no matter what body it was tested with. What's with that?

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Are you saying that by comparison, all lenses other than m4/3 score much higher? (Honest question, not trying to be a smarta--.) Reason I ask is that I just played around with DxOMark and it didn't look like m4/3 lenses scored poorly at all. See below:

Random DxOMark Lens Comparisons

Another, with Carl Zeiss Lens Added

I admit that I did not go out and look at every single lens in their entire database, but the ones I spot checked didn't seem to score significantly higher than m4/3rds. In fact, several were lower (some significantly so).

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Tom, I looked at a lot of the lens scores, Nikon and the top Canon lenses had really high scores and all others pretty low. If we look at a scale and a lens only gets half way or 1/4 way from the bottom to me that is a poor score. I would hope a lens and camera combination would score at least at the 66% and above level, but that was not what I saw. I am just scratching my head, and of course they do not rate any Fuji X sensor cameras so no lenses, that would have been interesting. Some of the lenses for Sony Nex cameras did well....that was a surprise but I do not keep up with Sony.

Here I selected a Panasonic body and 3 very popular m43 primes, take a look at the scores.


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If i am typing on my iPad, please excuse any typos.

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