Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: Could it be related to PDAF sensel pattern?

ProfHankD wrote:

martindesu wrote:

But some reports suggest this isn't an issue with the A7R...

Well, there is a chance that it has to do with either the spectral properties or some aspect of the sensor stack. I suppose the most likely part of the stack would be the microlenses. If so, it would involve a very specific interaction between that particular lens and the microlenses. I suppose there is a possibility that it has to do with the pattern of PDAF sensels...?

There's a post earlier in this thread (and another on Ken Rockwell's site) showing this flare pattern with the A7, and not with a Leica, for images shot in close to identical conditions. This seems to point the finger at the sensor.

Sensor-related explanations I've come across:

  • The sensor itself acts as a diffraction grating causing the dot patterns
  • The patterns are caused by reflections of the sensor on the sensor toppings
  • The patterns are caused by reflections of the sensor on the rear element of the lens

The array of dots in the flare, does look rather like an interference pattern.

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