Another bad K-3, what is with this.

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Re: Another bad K-3, what is with this.

rwl408 wrote:

The performance one can get from a car depends on the driver. Here we are talk about a photographer who complains bad focus from a higher MP camera. Technique does matter, all else being equal. With the same lens, a 24 MP camera requires better camera holding discipline to get the same level of focus result from a 16 MP one. Here is a simple math. A 16 MP chip's pixel is 4.9 microns in size whereas a 24 MP chip's pixel is 4.0 microns. (Just divide the chip area by the MP count and take a square root of the result.) Let's assume the lens can resolve 4 microns in size and one's camera holding technique always causes 1 micron movement when taking a shot regardless of the camera used. On the 24 MP camera it has 25% (1 / 4) of blur pixels but on the 16 MP it is down to 20% (1 / 4.9). So one can't just blame the camera alone.

It's a nice theory except for a couple of things.  First, it doesn't match my experience.  That is to say 1/focal length, for hand holding at stationary subjects (adjusted for crop factor and cropping) has always worked fine no mater the pixel pitch.  Film or 10 MP on up to 24MP, it is still the same rule and my technique didn't ever need to be better or worse.  NEX-7 or K3 things are still fine.  Secondly, the camera has IBIS (or SR) and that gives up to 4 stops at non-cropped viewing.  (Take back about 3 stops when viewing at 100% which may be where your thinking is getting into some trouble.)


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