Why is there no love for the HX300..?

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Re: Why is there no love for the HX300..?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

I handled the HX300 in the stores a few time. Love its handling. But in the end, I generally like Canon SX40/SX50 colors over Sony. And the Panasonic FZ200 has the constant f/2.8 lens. It kind of leaves the HX300 as the odd man out, and as another poster said, as not being a camera that is best at anything. Merely good at everything.

None of the cameras you mention are best at anything.  Nor are they good at near as much as the HX300. Nothing wrong with your personal bias, but a few items are not all there is to photography.

I like the color out of the Sony better than Canon colors, I liked the previous Minolta colors better than the Canon colors.  And I get along just fine without constant f2.8 lenses,  in often very very low light.

Then if one likes Sony, why not get an APS-C size sensor camera with the A3000 (I like mine) Or if you just want really long zoom and compact, then the HX50.

APS-C you won't find the tele range.  1200mm is a lot more range than 400 or 500mm range which is your limit in Sony APS-C.  There is a Tamron 150-600mm that will be released soon that will get a little close as it's effective focal length does get you up to 900mm with Sony APS-C.  But to get 1200mm you are forced to use a 1.4x TC with the lens. And it's nearly a foot long and weighs several lbs.

The A3000 has very limited stabilization, only with a few E mount lenses.  The HX300 has stabilization, which is excellent even with 1200mm, which is very impressive. With the HX300 you are also shooting with an excellent Zeiss lens.

The HX50 has a very limited zoom range compared to the HX300.  My photography has use for every mm of focal length the HX300 can give me, and I could use more.

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