Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

becomeAchildAgain wrote:

they claim it affects mirrorless systems primarily due to the flange distance..

I doubt that is correct. There are all sorts of sensor reflection issues possible, but the difference between mirrorless flange distance and DSLR flange distance is irrelevant when optically identical lenses are used on both, because the lens distance to the sensor is the same for the same focus distance.

Reflections off the sensor, shiny things between the lens and sensor (e.g, pins in the adapter), and internal to the lens reflections all play a role, but usually complex flare patterns have lens-internal sources. Typically, this will happen because the lens has a complex formula with many elements and thus many surfaces to reflect internally.

Oddly enough, the colors seen can be somewhat camera dependent because even lens-internal reflections may be in various parts of the spectrum, and sensitivity outside the usual R-G-B range varies widely with different sensors -- CMOS sensors generally have a lot of NIR sensitivity, and recent Sony sensors certainly seem to. Different camera models using the same sensor also can vary, because the "sensor stack" (filters on top of the sensor) may be quite different.

In summary, there are many sources of, and differing sensitivities to, flare. It's good to be aware of tendencies to create flare patterns, because that will alert you to examine the shot carefully when you're still on scene and could reshoot, but I think that is still the state-of-the-art answer as to how to get rid of flare -- recompose and reshoot.  

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