Two Flawed and Smudged Brand New Nikon P7100 lens

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Re: Two Flawed and Smudged Brand New Nikon P7100 lens

pjw88 wrote:

0 for 3 certainly isn't a good day at the ballpark. I think you ought to bear in mind that the P7100 is a couple of models out of date, and that any remaining stock still being sold might include cameras that had been returned by other buyers. Maybe it's time to consider a P7700 or P7800, or, dare I say, a Canon G15/16?

You certainly may be right about the remaining ones being returned cameras. However, the OEM packaging looked un tampered with. The camera wrapping looked mighty smooth. I still wonder why the very smudged lens. Looks like it may have been a finger print. As far as those other cameras mentioned, I have been a Canon fan for years....G10, G11, G15, SX40 and SD780 plus several film cameras too. The G series just has too frequent occurrences of the dreaded self lens scratch issue. My G11 did that during the trial period. The G10 I once had, I got back to only find a large deep vertical scratch on it's lens plus another bad issue. Not sure if the lens shutter blades scratched this one or not, but it is in repair right now to have the lens assembly replaced at $150. How can I sell this camera repaired (repaired ones do it too) knowing how prevalent the lens issue is?  I am in the process of selling my G15 back to Adorama because I am tired of the lens scratch issue and don't want to be constantly looking for those vertical scratches. If you are not familure with the lens scratch issue, just Google Canon G10 and lens scratch. Too many occurrences to dismiss, especially since I have experienced it.
I especially want a Nikon P7100 for multiple reasons. No lens scratch issue, not made in China, great IQ, feels good in the hand, looks great, fits cases I already have, Oh, has a rudementery view finder which I like. Would you like a fixed G10 at a reasonable price...the cost of replacing the lens assembly  and shipping? Need something to do with the G10, afraid to use it, afraid to sell it. what a shame  - for a really great image maker. Thanks for your helpful answer.

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