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riveredger wrote:

Beaverhelmet wrote:

If you like me owned both cameras, you would be embarrased right now. The A7/A7R are far from flawless. Their ergonomics and solutions may not suit everybody, but versatility and image quality are their main forte. I will keep my A77 for its snappyness and better ergonomics for long tele lenses, but when it comes to sheer image quality, my A7R and even the NEX-7 beats it quite easily.

Beav, I don't doubt you if you have carefully examined images from both, but could you elaborate on that, or show examples of why you say that? I am getting such great results from my 77 that I can't imagine improving on perfection. I can pixel peep all the way to the altar from a balcony shot and see every face in the orchestra in a wide shot of the full church. Everything is razor sharp and great color, no noise up to ISO 1600.

No noise up to ISO 1600 with an A77?

Sorry, but you have lost your credibility now.

I think he added one too many zeroes lol

But seriously yeah! Even A99 has noise at 1600.

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