Printer settings, color settings in Photoshop elements 12

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Re: Printer settings, color settings in Photoshop elements 12

Marni wrote:

I have a CISS system that I purchased for my Epson 1400 from inkjet fly a few years ago. I recently changed computers and have downloaded a trial of Adobe Elements 12. I am running Windows 7. All of a sudden my CISS is not giving me the same good prints it used to . The flesh colors are purple. I have used the printer profile that Leo posted along with Costco paper, but the prints are awful. I have calibrated my monitor using a Spyder. I am told by the ink guy that it's not the ink, but he doesn't give me any suggestions, other than it's my "color space". I am using the setting that gives control over to photoshop and disabled the color settings in the printer. I am using "ALWAYS OPTIMIZE FOR PRINTING>PHOTOSHOP MANAGES COLOR>PRINTER PROFILE IS THE ONE HE GAVE ME>(however I have tried others)RELATIVE COLORMETRIC. My working space is srgb IEC 61966-2.1, (which can't be changed in this window) The Epson settings are ICM and color management off. Interesting thing is I printed a page with bright yellow and on my screen it showed bright yellow, I printed it, and it came out gold instead, I then scanned the print and when I opened it back in a few programs, it was perfectly colored with my monitor, so I think I have eliminated my monitor. Can anyone tell me what they think the problem is? using anything but a CISS system for me is not possible. I teach scrapbooking and people must print paper etc. Thanks so much!!!!!

Is the profile being used with the Costco paper made for that paper? That is the only thing I see that could cause it since you do calibrate your monitor.

I will say that you are using the least desirable color space though that is not causing your issue. Are you capturing in sRGB?

I am on a Mac so "Always optimize for printing" is an unknown to me.

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