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Re: the data is there when it should be, and not when it should not ...

Timur Born wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Not really hidden ... if there are two halves stored, then the converter follows the dynamic range setting to choose its algorithm ... 100 is binning if M size was shot and create a large image if not

L and M both use two stored halves and can use DR 100, that's why the EXIF of even L sized images lists the M size (half sensor size x 2 frames) resolution. There has to be an indication in the raw file that tells the raw converter whether the shot was meant to be L or M and develop accordingly. The source data is the same anyway, while the development is different (EXR HR demosaicing vs. SN blending + Bayer demosaicing).

Well, when DR100 is used, there is never any difference between the two sets of pixels. Meaning that they are all exposed the same. So you can choose to bin them or use them as a larger image. That can be an after the fact decision, regardless of how the camera was set.

In the camera, this is controlled of course by firmware's response to your settings. But in a RAW converter, the user would issue the command again, since the pixels are perfectly suitable for either use. Of course, Adobe products don't offer a user interface specifically for the EXR sensor. As it is, I don't know if any converter other than perhaps Silkypix has any knowledge whatsoever of the possibilities with that data ...

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