The a7 Review

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Re: The a7 Review

nandbytes wrote:

Well thanks, please feel to criticize my posts, pictures, replies etc. All I can ask is for it to be constructive. Here I will even give you a starting point -

I don't often comment on the esthetic qualities of photos unless the poster is honestly looking for that, in which case I have been known to... but I'll happily explain, if I can, technical goofs (on the part of the camera or the camera handler) that might happen. The unfortunate fact is that I'm not such a great photographer myself, though I manage to snag some winners from time to time. Oddly, I was a lot better at that when I was fresh to photography and knew almost nothing about the technical side.

When your post had +3 next to it...

It does? I truly never noticed. I would prefer that DPR dump those 'Like' gadgets.

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