Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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And if its so cold you need gloves - then at least the EM-1 will work at -10 Celsius. A Nikon FF won't.

That is utter BS.


You're right. I should have said according to the manuals. The reality is that besides lubricants and freezing condensation, the main issues with cold weather are the batteries, and a DSLR will stress the batteries less. Olympus though have gone to some trouble to have the EM-1 work at lower temperatures, because their manual temperature operating condition guides have gone down, and they advertise this change too. But the proof will be up to people doing so, and no doubt with lots of batteries (which loose effectiveness the colder it gets). And yes - there's tonnes of tough taken in extreme conditions with Nikon DSLRs. At the end of the day, it's up to how smart the photographer in using their gear. And there'll be lots of Canons and Nikons at the coming winter Olympics - and no Olympus cameras.

As far as using on yachts and rubber duckies though, both Canon and Nikon recently advised me that neither of their DSLR goods were suitable for the uses I put Olympus DSLRs through. They did tell me the more weatherproof bodies though, and the typical areas where they have problems (I rang the service departments). For instance, the shutter button is a weakness are which differs between various cameras. Perhaps though both companies - Nikon and Canon - which offer Pro support - realize for Pro work, bare gear can't be supported by them in salt water environments. I did not ring Olympus support here though - I just know their gear does work in such environments, and a Pro yacht photographer from Sweden confirmed to me years ago before I bought an Olympus E-1 that that unit and the weatherproof lenses did stand up to such conditions.

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