Sony in 2014 - Plans and Future - Are these points true and legitimate?

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Sony in 2014 - Plans and Future - Are these points true and legitimate?

This is a post from a SAR poster, seems legitimate. I wanted to ask others on this forum if they think what is posted is legitimate. It seems to be from a past Sony employee.

"Sony will be in big trouble soon. How I know this? Because of big indicators.

* Sony cutting camera budget, Sony EMCS laying off up to 40% of workers at Kohda. I already lose job there. I not offer early retire program.
* Sony officially cut pipeline concept of 5 A-mount cameras for 2014 down to 1.
* Sony cancel development work on 400/4 and 24-105/4 lens and sell future development rights back to Olympus
* Sony no more advertize for A-mount in any USA product space (magazine, in store, etc). Advertize was always weak spot for Sony, but now budget is removed completely.
* Sony removed $2.5 million of R&D budget for FY2014 for ILC camera (Both A- and E-).
* Sony contract of CMOS sensor sales with Nikon ends in March and rumor heard is will not renew.
* Sony using many more plastics in new camera than before to cut costs. Repair rate up 14% due to cheap matirial.
* Sony not let go of TV and computer business even though they not furthermore profitable. It having anchor effect in high sea.
* Sony continue move production to Thailand and quality suffer more.

I think you all soon see much more danger in Sony future than it seems. I work for Sony for 23 year of my life – much sadness in my heart.

Mr Sato"

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