Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

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Re: Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

Truman Prevatt wrote:

I didn't see the post with the printer. Another question what paper are you using? What is the underlying color of the paper - warm, neutral or cool. How bright is the paper? Are you using a matte paper or a some sort of semi-gloss or glossy paper? Compare that to the type of paper the lab is using. Matte paper can be a little muted in areas with "bright colors."

I have a 3800 and print mostly B & W. I usually print matte - Photo Rag bright white. If I print color I use a semi-gloss or glossy paper.

charley5 wrote:

Sorry, I mentioned that in a previous post. I am using the Epson 3880. My monitor is calibrated. I have been using the manufacturer's ICC profile, and I have posted everything on the printer forum as well. The issue is why my prints appear to be more muted (neutral colored) than the lab prints?

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Hi Truman: I am using Canson Platine Fibre Rag, which is semi-gloss, and pretty white. I was using a warm bamboo paper but thought it was effecting my blue tones. As it turned out, the blues look washed out on both papers (compared to the lab print)...


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