Potential issue with new Sony A7 LCD screen

Started Jan 25, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Potential issue with new Sony A7 LCD screen


I've had somewhat similar issues with the first A7 that I received, see first two images below. Some guy at the shop decided to call these LCD leaks, not sure if this was accurate, but anyways the issues seemed to be in the inside glass of the LCD and not the outside..

now with my new A7 i came across a different issue.. when I direct my vision parallel to the LCD i see what seems to be a glass edge.. i can make it go away by pressing the back of the LCD screen.. so it seems that the Electronic LCD is not flush with the outer glass border.. i apologize for the quality of this picture but I think it gets the idea through, you can see a line parallel to the bottom edge.. now this is only obvious when i'm looking parallel to the screen.. it can not be seen when i'm looking perpendicular to the screen, otherwise i would have spotted it at the shop.. i can still return this one too but I don't think this one is really an issue.. please advise if you guys think i should be concerned about this line..

both A7's did not come with protective cover..

i'm otherwise loving the camera


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