Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

nandbytes wrote:

Thanks for the reply, you put a lot effort

I cannot afford another CZ lol at least for another year. I don't have a mid-zoom nor can afford one for a while. I am hoping sigma 24-105 f4 is out by then.

As for f2.8 it helps a lot in low light situation, I recently posted a few pics with my new gear -

But I could live with f4 for the range.

I'm glad I could help.

The way I see it, F/2.8 in a zoom should be fairly sharp to be considered useful.  Otherwise, the only benefit you are getting is more light to aide in focusing.  But if sharpness doesn't become acceptable until F/4, then what real benefit does it have over an F/4 lens that is sharp wide open if it is still bright enough for your camera to focus?

Once in a blue moon, sharp or not, the F/2.8 becomes helpful.  But more often than not, I am stopping down to F/3.2 or F/3.5 at minimum to eek out a little more resolution. Having to do that makes less of a difference between it and F/4.  That's where the Zeiss comes in.

Right now, I am torn.  I am still waiting on my Sigma 18-35 F/1.8 (which the latest e-mail from Sigma I got last week say possibly end of February), which will fill in my focal length void that is missing between 16mm and 24mm.  I am also itching to get a new lens or some other photo equipment (Christmas money plus some side job money).

Right now, the weakest link in my lens set is my 70-210 F/4 beercan.  It is my oldest lens as well as my slowest, everything else I have is F/2.8 or faster.  I keep toying with the idea of getting a 70-200mm F/2.8 (but which one), but have a hard time deciding between the newer Tamron or waiting to see if Sony comes to their senses and lowers the price on their new 70-200 refresh ($3K is too much in my opinion for just updating the coatings, the SSM, and weather sealing it).  The heavy focus breathing on the Tamron is my main turn off and I am not sure how much or little the Sony breathes.  I also thought about investing in another prime, maybe the Zeiss 135mm, but I keep wondering if Sony will be refreshing that lens soon and add SSM.  My last idea was to replace my Sigma 24-70 with the Zeiss.  I like my Sigma, but I find myself using my primes more and more since they are sharper at larger apertures, relegating the Sigma for when I do my studio portraits.

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