Help - volunteered to photograph a wedding

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Re: Help - volunteered to photograph a wedding

1. Check the wedding and reception venues for angles. Check if flash is allowed at the wedding. I had one vicar who would NOT allow a single photograph during the ceremony, other than the B&G kissing and as they left the altar.

2. Get the bride and groom to give you a list of all the formal photographs they want. Have them nominate someone pushy who knows everyone and will round them up for the formal photos.

3. Have a plan for outdoors and indoors photos if the weather doesn't permit outdoors.

4. Charge all batteries the day before. Do you have spares?

5. If possible, go to the wedding rehearsal.

6. Do you have insurance (e.g. if someone trips over your kit and hurts themselves)? Who will look after the spare bits of kit?

7. Do you know exactly what the B&G are expecting you to cover? This could start with B&G preparations and finish with them departing the reception. Agree a list with them.

8. Do you have plenty of memory cards?

9. Be at least an hour earlier than the earliest time you need to be there.

10. Don't eat or drink anything that might upset your stomach for 36 hours before. Take care of your health in other respects (I remember running a mile to avoid getting rained on the day before, as the least bit of moisture within 50 miles gives me a 3 month man-cold.)

11. Brief the chauffeur to let down the bride's window as she arrives so you can get a shot of her in the car as it pulls up at the wedding venue.

Good luck!

PS I love your photography!

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