Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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Re: You're right; I stand corrected

Sun stars can be a messy business, regardless - especially when I get those big gaudy green teardrop-shaped lens-induced ghosts in the frame (ugh…)

I do believe that the reflection thing is an issue with the A7. Not as pertinent as the obsolete / MF / pricing / compatibility issues I have with most other systems but an issue nonetheless. Folks who plan to do a lot of wide angle night shots with Christmas lights or street lamps (or similar) near the edge should probably steer clear.

As for me, it's nowhere close to being a deal-killer. And sun stars are actually a big deal for me - usually more centrally located. (Somehow, my A7 actually gives me less ghosting problems w/ 50-60mm macro lenses than the NEX-7 used to.)

Pretty Clean Sun Star w/ A7

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