Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

VirtualMirage wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

How do like the sigma 24-70? how does it compare to the equivalent CZ and tamron?

Anyways that lowepro while awesome for camera seems to fall down for me in other aspects - laptop, personal item space etc.

The Tamron wasn't available when I bought the Sigma and the CZ was twice the cost at the time (now it is even more than twice the cost).

For the price, it is a good lens. Feels well built, quiet focusing, decent image quality (when focused). What I don't care so much is images don't seem to have as much oomph or pop that they did with my Zeiss 16-80. But I replaced my Zeiss 16-80 with this lens since I wanted faster, quieter focusing and had a larger aperture. My Zeiss' focus gearing breaking and requiring repair (luckily just before my extended warranty expired) was the catalyst that pushed me to replacing it.

The Zeiss coatings do help in giving your images that extra depth and enhanced micro contrast.

With my A700, the Sigma was nice but seemed a bit inconsistent in hitting the mark with focus sharpness. With the A77 it was improved but still felt a bit off. Doing some MFA tests and adjustments I saw that the wide end needed a little adjustment (around a +2 or +3) but the long end needed more (closer to a +7 or +8). So now I am torn with which setting to use or to meet somewhere in the middle. Meanwhile, one end will get great focus and sharp images while the other end not as good as it could be wide open.

Speaking of wide open, this lens looks decent enough in a pinch wide open but really sharpens up stopping down a little and looks great around F/5.6. The other two, from what I have read, are a little better wide open but don't look too much different at F/5.6 and beyond.

If shooting on a full frame, the Zeiss will look the best while it becomes a toss up between the Tamron and the Sigma. The Tamron looks better wide open but the Sigma seems to look as good or better at F/5.6.

If shooting on a crop sensor, the Zeiss will still be the best looking while the Tamron may look a little better than the Sigma. The Sigma seems to be weaker in image quality at 70mm than the other two.

If I had to do it over again at the time I bought the Sigma, I may have leaned towards the Zeiss. But that is knowing what I know now, both in how much more resolution the Zeiss can pull but also the fact the Zeiss was $400-$500 cheaper back then than it is now.

If I had to choose today, it would be tough. I would really want to save up and get the Zeiss since its performance is excellent on both crop and full frame. If you are on a tighter budget, then Sigma and Tamron are more realistic options. If weather sealing and slightly sharper images at F/2.8 are worth an extra $400, then go Tamron. Otherwise, the Sigma should work quite well.

For me, I am not sure if it is worth it for me to upgrade from my Sigma to the Tamron. But I certainly think it would be worth it upgrading from my Sigma to the Zeiss. Does that make sense?

Another option out there that I have thought about is the new Sigma 24-105 F/4. If it is sharp wide open, it might be a good option of the Sigma 24-70 requires some stopping down to get sharp images anyways. If that is the case, then what is the benefit of its F/2.8 capability?

The last option out there was the rumor of a Sigma 24-70 F/2.0. If that rumor is true and its image quality is anything like their other new lenses, it may be worth holding out for that.

Thanks for the reply, you put a lot effort

I cannot afford another CZ lol at least for another year. I don't have a mid-zoom nor can afford one for a while. I am hoping sigma 24-105 f4 is out by then.

As for f2.8 it helps a lot in low light situation, I recently posted a few pics with my new gear -

But I could live with f4 for the range.

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