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Joe Pa wrote:

I've never been sued, no one I know has ever been sued, but many on here will still make it seem like this is a major threat, reality is it's not likely to happen but you should be prepared in case it does.

Great for you.

I've been sued by a contractor that did the drywall on my studio - he screwed things up, I fired him, and he sued me because he wanted paid for completing the job..that wasn't even 1/2 done.

I sued a former employer for back wages when he quit paying me (and everyone else too)

I'm being sued now because a car stopped in front of my house and got rear ended - she says my dog was GOING to run into the road so it's my fault. (homeowners is covering this)

Had my car hit a few years go. Totaled the car, ambulance ride for me and my passenger, he spent a night in the hospital. Car insurance paid it all less $500 deductible.

I know 4 photographers that have been sued by clients (probably avoidable, but it happens)

I know 3 people whose houses have burned in the past 5 years.

My wife's secretary's car went up in flames 2 weeks ago on the side of the hiway (electrical fire - she had just had the alternator replaced by a local garage...think he needs insurance??????)

My assistant went through a car wash and it damaged her rim and tire - $1250 in damages. The car wash insurance company paid.

Call up ANY homeowners agent in the NE US and ask about burst pipes and coverage. Report back here what they tell you.

Now if your camera gear is damaged by the frozen pipe and ensuing water damage is it covered????

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