Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: The Math Matters!

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

financial gain - the root of that is finance -aka, MONEY.

Perhaps you should say 'economic advantage' or 'assett gain' or experience or education or some such.

And yes, value varies, on most everything. What is a house worth? Depends where it is - Beverly Hills CA or South Central LA,next to a farm in iowa or beach front property in florida.

That's why 'what to charge' isn't a flat dollar figure. What is the 'going price' in your area for what you want to sell?

Wedding photography here can be from $600 to $5k and probably higher. What should I charge? Depends...have I got work/reputation/product/gear to compete with other $5k photographers? Can I make a living at $600? What kind of customers do I want to serve?

If I book a wedding for $2900 is that good? You don't know, even using the figures above. If I shoot, burn and do no editing and work 6 hours, yes, it's fantastic. If I need to work 12 hours, spend 20 editing, pay a second photog and 2 assistants, deliver 3 albums and 3 wall portraits, printed proofs, slideshow and video of the day perhaps it's not so great.

But if the traded service would cost me money, the money I'm not spending is financial gain.

It's really not that difficult of a concept.

And you keep throwing out examples that imply I have no idea what my services are worth. It's getting old.

So profit is always cash then? Yes or no?

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