A quick day out with the Olympus E-M1 and the SONY a7

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Re: aperture equivalence and the E-M1's power switch

I guess I'm in that other crowd ... having the switch on the left is just fine since I turn on the camera and leave it that way while I'm shooting. On the right is fine too. I take off all lens caps and fit the rigid lens hoods, so if I have to do something that involves feeling around the camera, it's no problem—I know where the lens is. I like that I don't accidentally turn the power off because I mistake the power switch for the front dial ...

I find the A7's slower auto-switch to powering up the EVF more of an annoyance than the E-M1's left side switch, but to honest neither bug me very much at all. I'd not make a mountain out of this molehill...

Regards the battery status, well, with the Oly I just know that it's unimportant to worry about it until I can see the battery indicator reappear. I don't need to look at it all the time. Again, tho, it doesn't bother me on the Sony.

No camera is perfect. Whittling on all the little flaws and foibles with a magnifying glass nets little of any advantage even in conversation. By and large, both cameras do what I wanted them to.

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