D3 dilemma

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Re: D3 dilemma

bikinchris wrote:

The D3 is a better camera for low light and fast focus. It has lower noise at all ISO settings. Buy with confidence as long as you have the glass you need,

I love the new D4S coming out. It will lower the D3S price for me.

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Those who shoots with the D3s (sports guys) like me didn't replaced it with the D4, and probably will not buy the D4s because there isn't any justification to get it to improve in frame rate or pixels. We are happy with the D3s. Need more pixels for shooting flexibility? I got the D600 hanging around. You will see the D3s natural progression of depreciation, but I doubt there will be a big price drop for a used D3s when the D4s comes out.

Waiting for the D5 with better low light, faster AF, and more pixels.  

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