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sybersitizen wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Sure looks like I need not worry about trading in my a77 for the a7 or 7r. They have so many flaws, clumsy controls and poor image quality issues, my a77 is so much more camera, especially for the money.

Incredibly childish to start a thread like this.

You can't even use them for studio strobes without the black screen problem.

Your ignorance is showing.

The a77 is just an APS-C camera, but what a camera! Versatility and image quality second to none and great lenses. And a whole lot more!

Feel better now, little boy?

and calling names isn't childish at all.

I wish I had the patience to explain everything that's wrong about what you did here, but I don't.

so why bother posting? just to tell him he is childish, ignorant and a little boy? very mature thing to do.

Now let me tell you something. After 7+ years and 2600 posts that have been 95% focused on answering legitimately posed questions, correcting honest errors, and elightening areas of uncertainy related to anything and everything about the Minolta/Sony A-mount system, I'm finding it harder these days to accept hastily concocted threads and posts by obviously uninformed people who immediately go off on silly tangents to the benefit of nobody.

I agree the post was of no benefit but does validated a reply that gives no benefit? I understand you are far experienced than I am, so you can evaluate this situation better than me.

Since you're very new here and you find this frustration of mine 'immature', perhaps you'd like to now take on the task of providing complete, calm, and polite answers for every discussion on every occasion - even when they are clearly not deserved.

Well I didn't think it deserved a response, hence I kept quite instead of taking out my frustration. You are probably more patient than I am, I get annoyed easily. But if that was the case I wouldn't post anything than resort to name calling as that doesn't help me or the OP.

As much as I would like to give great responses to everything I can't in which case I keep quiet.

I'll be watching very attentively to see how you do.

Well thanks, please feel to criticize my posts, pictures, replies etc. All I can ask is for it to be constructive. Here I will even give you a starting point -

I get it - "new kid around the block telling me how to post." I didn't mean for my post to be taken the wrong way but having read back I can see my sarcasm can be wrongly placed. I am sorry for that, I will time my sarcasm more lightly next time. My point was simple please refrain from name calling and that constructive criticism would help a lot more. When your post had +3 next to it I came in expecting a well explained reply or something of humour. It was neither, I guess I got frustrated too

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