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Re: The a7 Review

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Syber just tell me what I can do to make it up to you...

Most interesting response I've seen here in some time, thanks.

I confess you caught me on a bad day, and I apologize. Maybe just reflect for awhile before rushing to put stuff out here in order to avoid what happened this time, which was that you...

  • seemed to think that DPR's recent review is the complete, accurate, and final word on the A7, when in fact many other comprehensive reviews with quite different perspectives have been available for weeks or months.
  • didn't understand and digest certain aspects of the review before making your comments.
  • don't seem to recognize that the A7 is not designed or intended for the same audience or the same uses as the A77. Yes, it's there, but that doesn't mean you should want it.
  • don't seem to recognize that although the A77's image quality is quite satisfactory for most of us, it's nothing to hold up as a model, especially in the context of much newer full frame cameras. You'll attract lots of arguments there.
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