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Lord Mox wrote:

Thank you all for your valuable input. I just need to clarify something. I assume after reading some of the replies that few of you may think I am not convinced that my d600 is sufficient. It's actually to the contrary. My understanding of b&w is that it's less demanding when it comes to camera capability. As I am looking to buy a second camera for back up, I just thought to know what would constitute a good b&w camera.

Put it in another way, assuming that you will only do b&w (100%). What would you consider before deciding on a camera, and which camera will you be looking at? (for portrait and landscape as I said earlier).

I just want to know, will these considerations be the same if you think of the opposite (100% color)?

Again thank you all for the input.


What would I consider?

Refurbished/used D600s are an excellent choice.

A used D700 would be another excellent choice.

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