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Best backpack

Any thoughts on the best backpack? Requirements:

  • Should fit a large 15" laptop comfortably
  • Should fit a large dSLR comfortably with 70-200mm f/4 (not f/2.8) lens.
  • Should have space for other stuff (neither laptop nor photo equipment)


  • Comfortable with a lot of weight
  • Getting things in and out should be fast and safe. The types of bags where you set the thing down and to make sure nothing falls out are a bit awkward.
  • Ideally, it should be able to fit a lot more. It'd be nice if I could put in a 200-500mm lens in place of the laptop, or if I could fit a total of 2 bodies with 3-4 lenses (2 on the bodies, 1-2 freely).
  • Tripod mount is nice
  • Reasonably weatherproof
  • Should last a while.

Cheaper is better, but I'll spend what it takes.

I've never used a sling bag, but I'd consider those too if they work well.

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