EXR Confusion not fully resolved

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Re: EXR Confusion not fully resolved

I don't know about you, it seems to be even more confusing after reading this thread

My understanding of this EXR is simple. It is just a way to handle high contrast scene. Many other camera employ the same techique(basically taking two pictures with different exposure and combine). Fuji just do it in one go at the expense of using half of the photosite for each so only 6M(so there is no shift or lag).

Now when would this special feature kick in seems to be just guessing/experiementing. Fuji doesn't give any solid information(and it is expected)

Then whether the result is of our liking is yet another issue which I would say becomes personal. I have another topic about my XF1 over expose a little bit resulting in color shift. That may not have to do with EXR but more likely to be about metering. But whether color shift is a bad thing depends. In some case, it is not acceptable(say shooting for product catelog) but in others it may be more pleasing(the good old Kodak vs Fuji thing) depending on the subject(so a water color effect/lack of detail may be a good thing for certain portraits).

I am less of the fine detail guy but more care about overall impression of the image and luckily the LCD of my XF1 is pretty accturate(well at least match the monitor which is the final media most of the time) so just re-take if it doesn't seem right

Shooting RAW as usual just mean we have the ability to 'develop' our own film if needed(which usually can have better result in capable hands) but seems to be too cumbersome(and too much effort) to drag out photoshop for day to day pictures.

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