RX100M2: Pre-installed Screen Protector?

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Re: RX100M2: Pre-installed Screen Protector?

LesHoug wrote:

lenshoarder wrote:

LesHoug wrote:

I don't think it's a screen protector you can see on the screen, but the T.F.T coating (Thin-Film-Transistor). If you look this up on Wikipedia, it explains it better than i can. hope this helps.


You are confusing things. TFT is a type of LCD. If that was the layer on top, it wouldn't work for very long.

Sony mention TFT drive on page 35 in the paper manual that came with my camera.

OK...  How does that make the top of the screen that the OP is taking about the TFT layer?  As I said, TFT is a type of LCD display, it is not that layer on top of the display that OP is talking about.  It's like someone asking if there is a clear coat on the paint on the hood of their car and someone responding that that's the V8.  For the LCD display on a RX100, the TFT layer will be on the inside of a piece of glass that will be protected by a piece of plastic that is then protected by that stick on protector with the AR coating on it.

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