Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: The Math Matters!

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Making up definitions again...

'monetary value' means someone will pay CASH for them.

Sorry, but most portfolios have no monetary value.

A stock shooter's, sure. A wedding shooters? Nope. I have lots of wedding album samples - aka portfolio - and images on line. NOBODY will pay me a dime for them.

I shoot a family - they buy images. Yes, monetary value.

I print one to use as a sample..whose gonna buy that? The family already bought a copy, they don't want a second.

Now if you want to say that SHOWING that image brings me customers than yes, it has value for advertising purposes. But that value drops over time. Showing a 2015 senior to the class of 2015 works well but showing a 2008 senior not so much. Good image or not times change, styles, the market, clothing, etc.
A wedding album from 1994 would have no marketing value today.

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Once again. value to you may be different than value to someone else.

Without a portfolio he has nothing to show his work. A portfolio showing his work allows him to get paying jobs. That portfolio has value.

Can something other than cash be financial gain?

Yes or no.

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