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Re: EXR Confusion? What am I missing...

Timur Born wrote:

Timur Born wrote:

At DR 100 both HR and SN use the very same raw data, they are just developed differently by the camera or raw software. Once there must have existed a "EXR Mode" EXIF tag, but for the X10 the only difference in EXIF I could find is that HR is labeled "RAW Version" 102, while SN is labeled version 103.

Thinking about it, this likely is just a form of firmware update between the two files I checked.

Unfortunately this tag is write-protected, else one could try to change its value to see the outcome.

Using a hex-editor didn't reveal any changes. So the version is irrelevant.

Your comments here are a bit confusing ... Fuji like to insert Makernote info to show how the camera was set, so for example you see various tags come and go as you change settings.

The three that might be most relevant to this discussion would be PictureMode (Auto, A-Prio, Program etc); EXRAuto (the image I am looking at has the value Manual); and EXRMode (DR) ...

I suspect that you can use those three, along with DynamicRangeSetting and DevelopmentDynamicRange to suss out exactly how an image was shot.

Perhaps you were talking about something else, but EXIFTOOLGUI sees these tags with no issues ...

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