Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Guaranteed Failure

You COULD buy a guitar and start a band.

Learning how to play it might make for a more successful experience.

So yes, he can take his camera and go look for customers.

OR he can spend a few weeks figuring out the BEST WAY to make money with his camera -what to charge, what to sell, who to approach when selling his images.

Is it wasted time?
Nope, not at all.

You COULD spend $300,000 and buy a building for your studio, fill it with gear and hang out a sign .  Would that make for a successful business?

You have no idea because you don't know where the biz is, what it's shooting, who else is selling images, etc.

You see $300k and figure OMG, what a risk! But that's all relative. To the avg joe 300k is a lot of money sure, but to some $10k in gear and $10K marketing is a lot too.

You can decide if your idea will work or not WITH NO COST at all. Not one dime.

Time, sure. But you're going to spend that time anyway. If you have no idea who is buying photography, what they're buying, etc then you're wasting your time to find out. If you make up pricing and have to change it you wasted your time the first time making up the prices.

As usual there seems to be time to do it twice or three times but never time to do it right the first time.

When I started I did minimal research. I jumped and and had to re-do much of what I started out doing.
A friend spend an ENTIRE YEAR second shooting, researching the market, trying out gear, styles, etc. He never once charged anyone a dime to second shoot.

he made more money in his first year than I did in my first 3. Taught me a valuable lesson - it pays to do your research and hit the ground running in the right direction. Stopping to change direction costs you big time in many ways.

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