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You already have a d600? What's wrong with that? I process to black and white all the time.

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Nothing wrong with the d600. I am aware of the fact that I can process the files into B&W. I have a need for a second camera. So, thought to buy one that is well suited for B&W. My question here is to learn about whether or not B&W is less demanding that color in term of resolution, dynamic range, etc...

My b&w will be 70% portraits of people I know and those I dont (street photography) and rest architectural or landscapes.


Your D600 is fine. It has outstanding dynamic range. 24MP is plenty. There is no need to buy another camera for B&W. If you want to buy a second camera go ahead. But I don't think there is anything about B&W that would point you towards one body over another.

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Mike Dawson

Exactly...not to mention that in camera B&W conversions are HORRABLE.


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