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Re: It's people liike you that should get off their high horses

G3User wrote:

What I was saying is that photography has become a do it your self activity and that's why it's dying. No need to hire a pro if you can just buy a camera and start shooting and praying. Yes, it's people like this that are killing photography off. They buy a camera because they have the disposable income thinking that money will buy them great images.

What made you assume that I'm an incompetent beginner with too much money, no aesthetic sensibilities and no knowledge of photography? For the purpose of brevity I didn't include my CV in the original post.

Photography has *always* been a do-it-yourself activity. Since when did professionals (of which I was one) have the exclusive right to buy cameras? Digital photography has drastically increased the number of participants, for sure, but if you're a professional worth your salt then you have nothing to worry about, because your skill and experience will always make your work worth paying for. Not your flippin' camera.

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