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Re: The Math Matters!

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And we've gone over this before. Profit doesn't always mean cash especially when just starting out.

Like JoePa you seem to have your own definition of words...


financial gain, esp. the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

obtain a financial advantage or benefit, esp. from an investment.

If I get something in return for a service I offer and that thing has value. It is a financial gain.

I'll pay you $5 to shoot a wedding for me, 10 hours. Gain for you?

If I trade for something that otherwise would cost me money and I don't have to spend that money the money I don't spend on that thing is financial gain.

I'll trade you lunch for your car. Gain for you?

Why is that so hard to understand?

Yes, why is that so yard for you to understand? YOU need to make a PROFIT (come out ahead) for it to be a financial gain.

I'm about to do some photo work for a trade show for an industry that benefits my main business. I will probablly trade something in return. What ever value that trade has is a financial gain to me.

I can get a booth at the county fair in exchange for being their photographer. $120 is what I would pay for the booth. Whey then want in return is about 40 hours of work from me.
It's a gain, yes - FOR THEM, not me. Not at $3 an hour for my time.

In my examples the math did work. Your numbers have nothing to do with my examples other than show you're a poor trader.

If the trade would cost the same or more then the work traded it's a financial gain. My trades do not lose me money. If you can't work out trades where both parties benefit then you should stick with money transactions.

And experience or portfolio shots have monetary value. Maybe not for you but for others. If you can put a price on it it is financial gain.

Again, if it doesn't work for you that does not mean others can't make it work.

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