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Re: After reading your " Sensors measure charge not current"

jnd wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

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gsergei wrote:

I am positive you have never finished your high school.

If you mean that I have never stopped learning, you are right.

Overall - a superb technical illiteracy. Can't argue with you, sorry.

I had realised that you can't argue with me, and yes you do display exactly the illiteracy you talk about.

BTW, the term "charge" is used for capacitance and is measured in Culons or Farades as in capacitors, not light sensitive diodes output , which is voltage/current.

'Coulombs' (for that is what it is) is the unit of charge. 'Farads' (for that is what they are) are the unit of capacitance. They are not the same thing, but related by the formula Q=CV - i.e. the charge is equal to the capacitance times the voltage. Maybe best to work those out before trying to explain how a sensor works.

Bob, this is hopeless.

Hopeless for what, providing factually correct information? OP tried to post yet another thread which will make things straight, yet made couple mistakes, so those should be pointed out.

BTW do you know what CCD stands for? "A charge-coupled device (CCD) is a device for the movement of electrical charge, usually from within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated, for example conversion into a digital value." (courtesy of Wikipedia).

I think Renato knows that. I think you've probably misunderstood what he was saying is 'hopeless'.

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