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Re: Here's The "Party Trick" Explained

Trevor G wrote:

In that way it's a "party trick" in that you can get the same result by taking two separate exposures, 2EV apart, and combining them later on in HDR software.

As others have said your statement is a generalisation and undersells what EXR uniquely achieves in jpeg.

I compared RX100 multi-shot DR+2 with my XF1 DR400 to see if the Sony option were usable for everyday shooting, and found this -

1) DR on both cameras about the same as you would expect, but on closer inspection the RX100 IQ degraded losing sharpness and detail when combining 2-3 images internally. The XF1 held up, especially the crisp vibrant colours.

2) The RX100 locked up for 5-7 seconds while writing internal files, fast card 95/s. You never see that mentioned in reviews!

So, the XF1 provides a more favourable image outcome when using DR400 and it is much more usable method for everyday use.


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