Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Keep in mind

DonSC wrote:

that at 1/250 the first and second curtains are moving together so the entire image would not be exposed BEFORE the first curtain closed. If the blurring was caused by the shutter then only the bottom portion of the sensor would show the blurring. Your image has blurring throughout the entire image.

That's incorrect in at least four ways.

First, the E-P5 has a max flash-sync speed of 1/320. This in turn means that the slowest shutter speed at which the first and second curtain move simultaneously (for a fraction, not the whole, of the exposure time) is 1/400.

Second, the first curtain does not close the shutter after exposure. It opens it for exposure. The second curtain then closes it.

Third, the exposure is never finished when the first curtain comes to a halt, regardless of which shutter speed we are talking about. It is finished when the second curtain comes to a halt.

Fourth, your reasoning presumes that the blur is due solely to one specific step in the sequence of shutter action: that when the first curtain comes to a halt. I don't know that we know that. On the contrary, we have a fair amount of evidence suggesting that even shutter movements before the exposure begins, such as that of the first curtain closing the shutter to prepare the sensor for exposure, has an impact. If it didn't, the anti-shock delay would be of no help whatsoever since all it does is to introduce a delay between that first phase of shutter action (the shutter closing to prepare the sensor for exposure) and subsequent phases (those involving the actual exposure).

Most likely it's hand holding technique. Rather than post about it why not put the camera on a tripod and see what you get?

This advice is based on the same "logic" as that of the man who looked for his keys under a street light because it was too dark where he dropped them.

If you want to know how the camera behaves with regard to shutter shock when shooting hand-held you need to test hand-held. If you suspect that hand-holding technique makes a difference, the proper course of action is to test different hand-holding techniques rather than put the camera on a tripod. Putting the camera on a tripod rather than holding it in your hands changes the situation in a large number of potentially important ways and can in no way isolate the effect of the cause you suggest: the particular way the camera is held in your hands.

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