Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

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Re: Shutter Shock: My ep5 is bad. Would an em5 do better?

Mr Sincere wrote:

gnewylliw wrote:

Mr Sincere wrote

Here's a handheld shot at 1/40, which appears to be under the shutter shock threshold. It's relatively sharp, compared to the 1/250 shot at least.

I would put my money on up-down camera shake at 1/40, being at a 45mm FL.

Well I wouldn't rule that out at 1/40 either, but you'll notice I wasn't complaining about shutter shock in this example. This was supposed to be an example of a photo that wasgood in comparison to the ones showing obvious shutter shock at higher shutter speeds.

If you have a return policy, why not just pick up another e-p5, or if you're inclined to get a e-m5, buy it and test it? If you were buying used, this would be another issue.

I can only afford to buy used. I picked this one up for $700, in like new condition. The seller offered to allow a return, if I paid a small restocking fee, which I'm still debating. I could pick up a used em5 for $650, so it would end up being about a wash.

I'd love to be able to go to my local camera shop to try out another sample, or an em5, but I can't afford to pay full price + tax. And I feel like an a-hole using the local camera shop to demo products, only to hop online later to make the purchase.

Two solutions to the last-mentioned problem:

1. Find some accessory to buy when you visit them so that they still earn something from helping you out with your testing.

2. Tell them the full story. In my experience, many (though not all) would remain helpful, either because they are simply good people or because they realize that if they treat you nicely, you are more likely to do business with them in the future although you won't do it right now.

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