A quick day out with the Olympus E-M1 and the SONY a7

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Re: A quick day out with the Olympus E-M1 and the SONY a7

A few other minor notes - things I don't like about the cameras.

I've already mentioned that the E-M1 power switch was placed on the wrong side, and that the reds seemed a tad strong. I also don't like the fact that when the EVF is used, the backlight of the LCD screen seems to remain on, draining power unnecessarily. Then there's the problem with long exposure noise in the E-M1 that is worse than it is in the E-M5. Fortunately, this doesn't bother me too much since I rarely shoot long exposure (although I do need to from time to time.) The E-M1 dials sometimes feel a little unresponsive. One click of the dial does not result in a value change. Sometimes I need to use two clicks to get the aperture, for instance, to change. Rolling the dial vigorously seems to help a bit (maybe cleaning the contacts) but would also wear things out more quickly. They feel great - just that they're sometimes not responsive enough.
The a7 lenses are expensive, and for the moment, options are few. I also can't believe that for a camera this price, they did not include an external charger. That's right, you charge the battery in-camera through the micro-USB port. Although this is the same port on my Samsung phone, I am a little wary about plugging in and out of that port in the long term. Of course, when you're charging, you can't do anything else with the camera settings. Battery life, as I have mentioned, could be better too for this class of camera. The ability to charge via the USB port, on the other hand, would have been nice on the E-M1 since it would allow you to travel without bringing an external charger, or to charge the camera from one of those additional battery storage units that are sold for charging phones on the go.

The LCD tilting mechanism is about the same on two cameras but the one on the a7 slides out more smoothly and easily, while the E-M1 LCD mechanism feels a lot stiffer. The mount point on the a7 is centered along the lens axis, and is in fact centered on the sensor plane as well. The E-M1 mount point is off center, which can be rather annoying for some users.

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